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MAIN is an international network of autonomous software metrics associations.

Presentation by Manfred Bundsc



  • Run conferences in cooperation with national software metrics associations.
  • Initiate and control common projects and working groups.
  • Provide via this website:

    News, Announcements and Information Articles, Downloads, Discussion Forums, Webinars, Links to other Resources.

    • Exchange of experience between organisations, individuals, and academia.
    • Promotion of measurement usage.
    • Harmonization of measurement issues, e.g. how to measure in certain environments, develop certified measurement expert Curriculum.
    • Develop a common knowledgebase of documents such as
      metrics papers, case studies, training materials as standards, research initiatives, benchmark database, collection of best practices

    Main Participation at IWSM-Mensura 2015

    MAIN is participtaing in IWSM-MENSURA 2015 to be held October 5-7 in Cracow, Poland. Please visit the conference website at http://www.iwsm-mensura.org for full coference details.



    MAIN will be delivering a worksop entitled MEASURING PERFORMANCE IMPACT FACTORS FOR ICT PROJECTS - PIFs for Projects (“PifPro'15”)

    ICT Projects have a bad reputation: they often exceed budget or change scope. It holds especially when writing new software is involved; however, writing mobile apps, joint & distributed software development across organizations, integration of new services, sizing maintenance or ICT portfolio projects is also affected.

    Project management is needed but without proper estimation methods and tools it is limited to managing the budget overrun. For the economy, this is a serious blocker, since ICT is the major engine for economic growth. Work breakdown structure fails because it is part of the project to find out what work is needed; expert estimation fails because experts cannot remember previous decisions and their estimates suffer from important variations. Without proper budgeting, ICT projects carry enormous risks for the financial stability for the sponsors of an ICT project.

    Download the Workshop details here


    Quarterly Reports

    Each Quarter MAIN Associations provide an update of their activities. Click on the links below to open the reports in a new page for viewing, or Right-Click the link and select "SaveLink as.." to download the PDF File.





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